As we all know, wagon prices vary from under $100 to over $200. What are the main differences between them?

Firstly, quality is what we are looking for. From personal experience, a high quality wagon will work tougher against wear and tear much better than cheaper models. That means fewer breakdowns and helps us save more in the long run. The material used is the key features to better quality and lasting product.

Secondly, you’ll get more features, accessories or extra safety features built into the wagon. A sturdy and versatile wagon should bring us sweet memories over the use of its service.

Some consumers would not mind investing more upfront for a better quality wagon. However, there are some people prefer a cheaper model initially and take the opportunity to change to a different model once it is broken.

Whichever way you choose, it’s still a personal preference.

Top 2 Best Wagons for Kids over $200

Radio Flyer Personalized Steel and Wood Wagon

Radio Flyer is well known for their high quality and the classic “red wagon” design. As long as this wagon is properly taken care of, it should last you for many years to come. Durability and high quality are expected from a brand like Radio Flyer.

Best Wagons for Kids over $200This all-terrain wagon includes the traditional Radio Flyer wagon, wooden side rails, padding for comfort, cup holders, a sun canopy as well as additional storage for snacks and nick knacks. Mix and match to set up a perfect custom wagon that you and the kids will adore. Feel at ease knowing this wagon is heavy duty, meaning it can carry 2 small children without any problem.

With the Radio Flyer Personalized Steel and Wood Wagon set, you are given the choice on whether you would like the classic wheel, best for sidewalk only travel, or the larger air tires for enduring rough terrain. There are also two different fabric patterns (for your padding and accessories) to choose from and an optional UV protection sun canopy. If you are planning to use this all-terrain wagon at settings like the beach, you’ll be happy to know it travels great on the sand.

Overall, this wagon does a great job at offering versatility and comfort. The design is timeless and the body framework is very sturdy. It’s a safe ride for the kids, and everyone seems to be thrilled with their Radio Flyer Personalized-Steel-and Wood-Wagon set.

The only downside may be that it is pretty big, which may be a cause for inconvenience during travel. If you are confidence it can put in the trunk of your car or SUV, go ahead with this wagon.

Radio Flyer is notorious for making the most reliable wagon for decades. You should definitely consider this wagon if you like to custom build a kids’ wagon that will last for years.

Hauck Eco Wagon- Forest Green

One of the first things you will notice about this wagon has to be its sleek and more modern approach to the wagon frame design. It’s constructed of steel tubing and also comes with a removable, hand-washable fabric that is very durable. This all-terrain wagon by Hauck was made for your ultimate convenience.

Best Wagons for Kids over $200 - Hauck Eco WagonCompared to most other wagons available in the market, the Hauck Eco Wagon can be folded up for the most convenient of storage solutions. Unlike the Radio Flyer Build-A-Wagon, this one will be no problem when it comes to taking it along for travel. Your little one(s) will be very comfortable with padded seating and a sun canopy to block harmful UV rays.

This wagon comes with wheels that are sporty and made of rubber, so hauling it over grass and sand is easy due to the design. You get the option to use a lock for the brake to keep your wagon from rolling away, just simply activate the lock by hand when you need it. If you’re looking for a lightweight wagon, the Hauck Eco Wagon is a great choice.

While this all-terrain wagon is amazing when it comes to the ease of storage and light weighted-ness, perks such as extra storage or a place to put drinks aren’t included. Of course, this is not a big deal. The Hauck Eco Wagon is a lovely modern twist to the classic wagon and will do what it does very well, which is allowing you to safely pull your child along your side.